Thursday, 2 June 2011


Made my first business cards:)

Was gonna get them printed outside for tomorrow's show but ended up printing them in my room.

Not only have I saved £45, I actually really like these homemade business cards!
I like the textures, the variety of colours and the homemade feel to them, which would not have been achieved had I had them printed professionally.

Some colours aren't working as well as the others, but in general I am very happy with them!
Yes it took me roughly 2 hours to produce 60+ cards, but it was totally worth it.

Private view of the second year illustration show tomorrow at the SW1 Gallery.
57 Protagonists.
It happened that the number of my ready-to-give-out cards is 57 as well.

Exhibits done, business cards sorted. Almost there!

It's gonna be a good show:)

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