Friday, 4 March 2011


This may not be true, but I think for most successful people who earn a lot of money, whatever the thing that has brought them the success they have today is, the thought to 'become a billionaire' probably wasn't the only intention or drive behind it - they are usually truly passionate about what they do and do what they believe in.

At least this is the impression I got when I was watching the new iPad launch video.

All these new products Apple keeps coming up with, I honestly believe they are not there just because Apple wants to get another few hundred millions out of us, but to provide us with, not necessarily 'a better life', but definitely more convenience and fun. Maybe it's just me being super gullible again but I was actually quite moved when watching the video. It really excited me and made me believe in a bright future.

More passion is what I need.
Forget about the money (as long as I can still afford bread and water)!

Maybe that's why Bruce Mau warned us not to enter awards competitions.
Could be just me but from my experience when I decide to enter competitions, the work I produce usually doesn't reflect what I truly believe in. It's not truly to my heart. I only do it for the possible money and fame they might bring me. Which doesn't even happen because I am not passionate enough about them.

Time to really rethink about what I'm doing and what I'd like to be doing.

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