Saturday, 8 January 2011


As part of my research for a project for uni ('Say What'), I watched Food, Inc., a documentary film about the whole food industry in the United States and how it operates.

You'll never look at dinner the same way again.

Quite true.
It really is shocking how most of us are so ignorant of where what we eat everyday comes from, and what it is actually that we are swallowing down our throats - what it consists of and all the truths behind its production.

Like most videos that mention cruelty to animals, this film really really upsets me. I cannot imagine how many animals are dying and suffering out there as I am typing this blog. I cannot believe there are still places in the world where tens of thousands of animals are mass slaughtered everyday. And yet it is more shocking how after watching footages of new born chicks being killed, skin and meat stripped off bodies of cows and pigs, people would still wanna eat meat. It is so sad and depressing that most people in the world still think animals are born to be eaten by human beings, that they do not have any feelings or compassion for these animals - they are only seen as food, not lives. 

Before condemning all these international incorporations for being responsible for the incorrect ways of food production, we really should reflect on ourselves - have we not encouraged this to happen? It is because of our demand that these companies supply such food. Although it's not really possible for us to all start growing our own food and consume only that (which would be the ideal way to minimise food waste etc), at least we could all start putting a little more thought when doing our supermarket shopping, and be more aware of where our food comes from. Things are not gonna change in a month or two, but hopefully one day we will make a difference to the current situation, because we have chosen to.

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